Welcome to our beautiful region: a trip through Italy and Switzerland, with their lakes and peaks, old villages and bigger cities, national parks and lush gardens, rich in history and culture.

At Cascina Rodiani you can discover our territory in a slow and sustainable way. We offer itineraries off the beaten path by bike or on foot as well as the possibility to rent an elecrtic car to easily reach the further destinations. If you travel by train, we will be happy to pick you up at Como and Chiasso train stations whereas the bus station is 10 minutes far on foot.  Here below you will find some information about places in Switzerland and in Italy mostly out of usual touristic routes. Useful suggestions, such as restaurants and guides are at the bottom of the page… and now it’s time to prepare your new experience!


“E’ dai tempi del paleolitico che la storia dell’uomo incrocia quella del territorio comasco, vuoi per necessità, vuoi per il fascino esercitato dalle vallate bagnate dall’acqua del lago e scavate dal tempo a ridosso dei monti. Con l’Età del Ferro (I Millennio a.C.) vengono a galla i nuclei fondativi di quello che sarà definitivo in epoca latina Comum Oppidum…”

Historic research (IT) by Jacopo J. Molé click here

Sighignola – Balcony of Italy

Sighignola (1320 AMSL), also known as “Balcony of Italy” because of its wonderful views, one of the best in the region, is reachable by car and it is a “family friendly” excursion. We suggest to park and stop for a pause at the typical restaurant La Baita, then to follow the path through the beechwood in order to arrive the outlook. There are two roads to get to Sighignola, one from Italy and one through Switzerland (no highway access , no need for Swiss Highway Ticket).

Gole della Breggia Geopark – Switzerland

A canyon dug by time and humankind. One way to get into the canyon, is from Morbio Superiore (upper access). The gorge is wide and it’s easy to walk more than an hour from your starting point, without noticing it! From the bottom of the valley, from the mill of Ghitello, the access is surely easier. Be careful of unprotected river banks.
Boots are recommended.
Duration: 3 hours

Valley Garden – a history of community engagement

A nice footpath on the creekside, once an illegal landfill. The garden has benches and chairs for relaxing, but it’s strictly forbidden to picnic.
There is a small bookshelf offering classics to read while breathing fresh air. You can find “ Giardino della Valle “ sign on the main road of Cernobbio. Suitable for all the family, providing that you’re not scared of insects!
Duration: 1 hour

Comacina Island – the Pearl of the Lake

You can witness four hundred years of history by walking along the footpath of one of the most beautiful and singular place of the world, an island within a lake. The museum “Antiquarium”, where the remains of the oldest island fortifications can be observed, the Romanesque church of San Giovanni and the “ walkway of the artists” with its three rationalist houses of the early 20th century, are some of the treasures that the island hides. A unique “locus amoenus” where nature, art and beauty intersect and give you a sense of being out of space and time.

Spina Verde Park – Health Trail from the Cascina

Round circuit starting and ending at the Cascina. Wooden gym tools are located all along the trail. An hidden crossroad (beyond the flat bench) leads to other newer tools. The footpath at the end of the trail, crosses the cobbled road that leads to the shrine, “Santuario della Madonna Assunta”. Suitable for whoever wishes to start his/her day with a good and healthy exercise.
Drop: 60 meters.
Duration: almost 40 minutes

Como, city center – Brunate: dedicated to Alessandro Volta (1745 – 1827)

A walk inside the work and in memory of a genius from Como. Starting at the Voltian Temple, follow the road that leads to the dam till you arrive at the Life Electric sculpture by Libeskind. While in the center of Como, don’t forget to take a pause beneath the statue of the scientist in his homonymous square, Piazza Volta. Going towards the lakeside, buy a ticket for the cable railway to Brunate, from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view. Walking for half an hour, you can reach the village of San Maurizio, on top of the hill, surmounted by the Voltian Lighthouse and his viewpoint. Suitable for all the family. Duration: half a day

Where to eat …

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Ristorante Pizzeria Rosso di Sera (Drezzo): 10 minutes by feet from the Cascina, welcome flute for our guests.

Ristorante Pizzeria Enoteca Borgonuovo (Faloppio): 12 minuti by car from the Cascina, superlative winery, 10% discount for our guests.

Vecchia Osteria di Seseglio (Seseglio CH): 5 minutes from the Cascina, fancy haute cuisine, 10% discount  for our guests.

Ittiturismo da Abate (Lezzeno): 50 minutes from the Cascina, a special place for lake fish.

Ristorante L’Asparago (Como-Camerlata): 15 minutes from the Cascina, green, natural and local cuisine.

Le Golose Imperfezioni (Como- Walled city), 20 minutes by car + 5 minutes by feet. BioBakery & Café, 100% handcrafted.

Relax in SPA de l’Annunziata (Uggiate Trevano): 10 by car from the Cascina, discount of 30% for our guest. [IT-EN-DE]

Como and its lake: tourist information. [IT-EN-DE-RU]