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Mange-tout or peas?

Picking up products from your own vegetable garden is definitely an exciting experience: first you prepare the ground, you carefully plat the seeds , you check weather forecasts worried about spring frosts, heavy rainfall or drought, you gently grow the new plants in the greenhouse and most importantly, you meticulously observe the transformation of these young sprouts, till you [...]

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Sostenibilità – intervisa a Samuel

Che cosa ti ha spinto a realizzare una struttura a basso impatto ambientale? Sinceramente non era nelle mie intenzioni, non è stata una scelta programmata a priori. Quando ho iniziato a progettare (2006) e poi a ristrutturare (2007-2011), non avevo in mente di fare una struttura a basso impatto ambientale, seguivo il mio buon senso che consiste in una [...]

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Only wood and termal solar energy are the resources to warm up water that we use to cook, for heating and for personal cleaning. That’s one big reason why at Cascina Rodiani there is not CO2 addet to the atmophear, zero extra emmission. This post will be about our firewood cycle production. A tree when it dead naturaly will [...]

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Homemade vegetable stock

Here we are again in the Cascina's kitchen using the products from our vegetable garden. Today we make a homemade vegetable stock celery-based perfect to give flavor to soups, sauces etc. We share with you the recipe... Ingredients: 250 g green celery, 2 carrots, 2 onions, 2-3 cloves of garlic, 2 leaves of laurel, 1 spring of rosemary, 2 branches [...]

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Water is the most important resource for us to save, but how do we manage it here at Cascina Rodiani? We do a lot, reaching the most advanced eco-standards, certainly above average. As a matter of fact, we save drinkable water coming from the sinks by re-using it. Cascina Rodiani is located at the top of a hill, about [...]

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Tracks from the Cascina’s past

Our territory can tell you a lot about the past and its origins: the finding of an object, the presence of a particular plant or some recurring toponym becomes a trace to recollect a forgotten time. We can say the same for Cascina Rodiani and the village of Drezzo, located in a region that has always been characterised by [...]

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