Water is the most important resource for us to save, but how do we manage it here at Cascina Rodiani? We do a lot, reaching the most advanced eco-standards, certainly above average. As a matter of fact, not only we manage sparingly drinkable water coming from the sinks, but also we take charge of wastewater.

Cascina Rodiani is located at the top of a hill, about 460 m. high, while the lowest part of the village is around 260 m. This position makes rain and underground water flowing down to the valley. Since we are in the driest part of the land, we have always considered and studied how to keep as much water at the top of the hill as possible.

We therefore designed and realised a phytodepuration system that purifies the grey wastewater of the sinks and the showers. Several tanks collect the purified water together with the rainwater up to 70.000 litres. In the Cascina’s bathrooms, there are two waste systems: the grey and the black water ones. Only the last ones go to the municipal purifier system.

Since the toilets’ flushes work with ‘second hand’ water instead of drinkable one, there are also two incoming hydraulic systems in the bathrooms. For this reason, we can say that at Cascina Rodiani we have a 100% drinkable water efficiency: we use it to wash and to cook, while the purified water and the collected one are used to irrigate and for the toilets’ flushes.

At first sight, our guests notice a squared ground filled by the Phragmites Australis, a common reed living in the phytodepuration area. The entire hydraulic system is a 360° system, which combines technology and nature, gives meaning and concreteness to the Green Hospitality concept.