“We are guests of nature” are the first words you meet on our website, on the background of a pleasant view of the Cascina. However, have you ever asked yourself which meaning hides behind this slogan? How to read at best these few and simple words?

The welcome post introduces you to Cascina Rodiani’s blog, helping us from now on to satisfy your curiosity! There are different reasons why we made this choice: mainly to open a dialogue on the website but also to give a boost to our social network profiles, where we will publish the blog’s posts.

We wish to invite our visitors to know what is going on behind the scene. When hosting our guests, we like to develop a personal relationship and even though a computer screen might seem in contrast with it, the blog turns out to be an effective channel of communication on the net.

And what better way to interact than by storytelling: the Cascina daily life, the structure housing the activity, the people realising the project and last but not least the philosophy underlying our decisions, setting our priorities and goals. The sustainability principles guide us along the path helping to maintain consistency as much as possible.

During time, new targets encourage our evolving activity. However, the ground on which the Cascina has grown up is likewise important: the history is hence another essential element, just think of the venerable age of the building- almost 400 years!
The expression of creativity is embedded in all the activities that take place at the Cascina, such as workshops, celebrations and ceremonies, working meetings, book presentations and concerts.

Let us come back to the slogan because we don’t want to forget the real protagonist, the nature which leads us since the beginning: the nature surrounding the building and characterising the territory, the nature we try to respect in every single choice, the nature welcoming you as soon as you enter the Cascina. Are you fascinated by our world?

If the answer is yes, follow us to discover it…