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Sostenibilità – intervisa a Samuel

Che cosa ti ha spinto a realizzare una struttura a basso impatto ambientale? Sinceramente non era nelle mie intenzioni, non è stata una scelta programmata a priori. Quando ho iniziato a progettare (2006) e poi a ristrutturare (2007-2011), non avevo in mente di fare una struttura a basso impatto ambientale, seguivo il mio buon [...]

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Only wood and termal solar energy are the resources to warm up water that we use to cook, for heating and for personal cleaning. That’s one big reason why at Cascina Rodiani there is not CO2 addet to the atmophear, zero extra emmission. This post will be about our firewood cycle production. A tree [...]

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Homemade vegetable stock

Here we are again in the Cascina's kitchen using the products from our vegetable garden. Today we make a homemade vegetable stock celery-based perfect to give flavor to soups, sauces etc. We share with you the recipe... Ingredients: 250 g green celery, 2 carrots, 2 onions, 2-3 cloves of garlic, 2 leaves of laurel, 1 [...]

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Our natural lake

After the first formal presentation and a “space tour”, let us come back to the earth: good intentions are not enough, there is no sustainability without facts and real actions.On the Drezzo’s hill, a pleasant surprise will refresh the Cascina’s summer. As many of you probably already knows, our natural lake is becoming reality.We started [...]

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Green Hospitality according to Cascina Rodiani

Situated in the protected area of Parco Spina Verde (Natura 2000), Cascina Rodiani welcomes its guests according to the principles of responsible tourism. The flora and the fauna of the park enrich its landscape, creating a special  experience, where nature is the real protagonist. During the four years of the Cascina's renovation, we promoted [...]

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Welcome to Cascina Rodiani-Green Hospitality’s blog

“We are guests of nature”, ecco la prima frase che incontrate aprendo il nostro sito, sullo sfondo una bella foto della Cascina, ma vi siete mai chiesti cosa si nasconde dietro a questo slogan? Come interpretare al meglio queste poche e semplici parole? Con questo primo articolo desideriamo darvi il benvenuto sul blog di [...]

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