Your stay at Cascina Rodiani regenerates the environment and contributes to a sustainable economy.

While you relax, walk surrounded by nature, visit this beautiful region and taste and enjoy its product, we take care of the environmental impact. The certification we received in these first years of activity – Premio Clima from Lega Ambiente Tourism, Platinum Level Ecoleaders by Trip Advisor – testify to our achievements in the integration of the modern necessities with the architectual and structual features of the 400 years old building. We protect the natura resources of the territory by using sustainable solution and making no compromises between quality and wellbeing, ethics and functionality and by adapting lesser know tecnologies to singular choices that made the Cascina quite an unique place.


The woodland provides us with firewood as well as chestnuts, elderberry, mushrooms, wild herbs and berris

  • 100% Efficiency drinkable water

  • Constructed wetland

  • Rainwater tanks

  • WC with recycled water

  • 100% Hot water co2 neutral

  • Firewood boiler

  • Wood pellet boiler

  • Solars panels

  • 100% renewable sources energy

  • Solar spots

  • High energetic efficiency

  • 100% responsable managment

  • Recycle waste disposal

  • Green shredder

  • Compost heap on site

  • Rainwater for gardening