Post for yourself


COMEDI is an application, currently  available only for iOS, which allows you to create a collection of photos, videos, audio, text and links. With the intuitive movement of the wheel of time, you can browse, review or listen to your contents again and again because  memory of beautiful things is important.

The idea is to have a place, similar to a diary or an album, where you can store the most significant selection of the million types of content that are usually collected for various reasons. Among these are your ideas and your loves, your favorite photos or those words that have left their mark. But also the most hilarious or curious videos, simple audio or the  links to your favorite music.

It took more than two years to develop this project between spare time, upheavals and second thoughts. Initially it was supposed  to be for smart watches, but we soon had to face the technological limitations and the limits of too big ideas. Now it’s finally available!

Try it now it’s free…. start to post for yourself!

Future developments are the release of a PLUS version with the possibility of having more wheels of the time that can be named as you wish, thus achieving maximum versatility. We are very interested in receiving your feedback, you can write to